13: Three profiles. One soul

Taste, character, competence, Star, earth, history, courage, tomato. Few words weave the canvas of the soul of Casa del Nonno 13. One brand, three variations: the Michelin Starred Restaurant and the Osteria in Mercato San Severino, Salumeria e Cucina in Salerno. Equal and different, they complement each other defining and refining the goal that every day we try to achieve: growing complexity picking up the essentials.

Casa del Nonno: what was, what is

Casa del Nonno 13 has its roots in time, oozes history and tradition. Nowadays, the places of the starred restaurant were originally bottaie for aging and storing wines. During Second World War, according to the stories passed down orally, they were used by many inhabitants of Mercato San Severino to escape the recruitment of Nazi troops. Indeed, the property is located on the slopes of a hill, on which it was easier to hide.


A starred restaurant

The restaurant is the final piece of a mosaic which tells the story of the Angrisani Family, several generations in succession have consigned the property in the hands of the lawyer Antonio Angrisani  (it was, in fact, the home of his grandfather). Completely redesigned in 2000, became the natural habitat for the development of the project Casa del Nonno 13, traditional restaurant that values the raw materials, all over the selection of San Marzano tomatoes self-cultivation,  Montoro copper onion, agro sarnese-nocerino  onion, selection of meats and pasta from Campania. In this scenario, the Michelin Star awarded for several years  recognizes and highlights the principles and cultural values on which Casa del Nonno is well founded.

The labs of Casa del Nonno

In the years come the two ‘laboratories’, natural outcome of Casa del Nonno: 13 Salumeria e Cucina and Osteria, whose own space is actually formed from the halls of the restaurant based in Mercato San Severino. Places where we experiment, we innovate, we try.