A Chef in a delicatessen

Salumeria e Cucina is the urban lab of Casa del Nonno 13 and is born in the center of Salerno. Here the chef Giovanni Mellone colours the ordinary and daily taste of unusual shades and unexpected accents. Normality does not tire only if spiced of its opposite and that’s exactly our philosophy. A bistrot that is always ready to surprise you, every day of the week.

Degusta 13

Creativity, material, flavor: the gastronomic itineraries of the cuisine of chef Gianni  Mellone are well summed up within our tasting menu. Every night, seven days a week, you can make a real journey inside Salumeria e Cucina through our path to 31 euros, which includes an appetizer, first course, main course and dessert (drinks are not included). Please note that varies with the seasons.


Our selection of meat is rich and varied. Undisputed queens of the embers are the T – Bone Scottona and the 5 Coast of Prussian heifer. We pay great attention to the maturation that ranges from 40 to 150 days.

Typical italian cold cuts

Cinta Senese ham, bacon of black pig from Caserta, Irpinia ham seasoned 24 months, Cassino sheep ham … The list of our meats is long and important. We love the refined products, but we will never give up the classics, especially if they are zero kilometre.

Cheeses selection

We are Slow Food Presidium of Podolian Caciocavallo Irpino, but to us who love the pure and not alterated taste, are indispensable the cheeses matured in the hay, like Pecorino d’Avellino and the strong flavoured vaccines such as Castelmagno Piedmont.

Our menu

To us, the seasonality is all: our most representative dishes are playing on a few elements and the balance between the contrasts (one for all, meat and fish together). We love strong flavors and short cooking. In favour of the dish, there are studies and techniques that aim not to overturn foods but to preserve  flavor and natural properties. A treat: our Chef is also a great pastry chef.

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Breakfast for lunch at 13 euros.

Our daily lunch formula, in effect from Monday to Friday, is for those seeking the pleasures of the table in a small time like the work break: 13 euro, 3 courses, succulent and warm in autumn and winter, light and fresh in spring and summer. Always creative, never predictable. Unavoidable is the ability to order a la carte but … with 13 euro you do really eat!


Tradition without borders

Salumeria and Cucina 13 is every day, it’s the place where you meet simplicity and sophistication, freshness and variety of products. In our menu, dishes for all, no discrimination: a typical cuisine but without borders. Departing from tradition, we never stop inventing. The only obstruction is the high quality of the products and the freshness of the raw materials.

Our Wine List

Our wine list boasts a selection of over 350 regional, national and international tags. From several years, the company Vinosia of Paternopoli, bottles for us Aglianico, Taurasi and Greek di Tufo branded 13. We like honest flavors and wine makes no difference, but the research remains constant and continues also on the beverage front, with continuous replenishment and ample space for small local producers.

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Shopping in Salumeria

The delicatessens of the past no longer exist, Salumeria and Cucina 13 is the exception. In our food shop of flavours, we cook the products we sells, but primarily  we sell the products we cook. Cold cuts and premium cheeses, jams, preserves, wines. The word “coloniali” never had so much charm.

Reservation request

You can reserve a table at Salumeria e Cucina writing all your details in the space below.

Salumeria&Cucina is always open

lunch 1.00 – 3.00 p.m.
dinner 8.00 – 11.00 p.m.